Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I know, I know, I have totally neglected the blog.  What can I say, summer is just way to much fun to sit inside and do projects.  I promise I have a lot of projects coming up, I am starting on my list of Christmas projects (I ordered the fabric today).  Until then, here is one thing I did over the summer.  The hubby and I got lucky enough to go to Germany (his work sent him, and I tagged along on frequent flier miles).  My in-laws generously insisted on watching my girls.  I missed them like crazy, but had the time of my life.  I made these for the girls before I left
I only had my cell phone on hand (my husband took the good camera to Germany with him, one week before I joined him).  I made a countdown for the girls, so they could know how long until I came home.  I just put two mamba's in everyday (two of the same color so they would not fight). We started when my husband left, so I got to see them do it for a week, before I left.  They really seemed to enjoy it.

I also left ten surprises for my girls, with my in-laws.  They got to open one each day, to know I was thinking of them.  I got them things like, press-on nails, re-usable chopsticks, earrings, chocolate straws, stickers, hair clips (things that would not break the bank, but that they would like).

My four year-old likes to sit at the table and color, do worksheets, practice writing, etc.  So I made her a book full of pages to work on at Grandma's

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I have been teaching her piano lessons too, so I left some piano practice sheets, so she could retain the basics.

I sure missed my girls, but I know they were in good hands.  I was happy to see them again
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