Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My four year old is very into princess' and castles.  She also loves arts and crafts, and frankly, I hardly ever do them with her.  I decided she would love to make her own castle.  I saved toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for a long time, and when I had enough we made a castle.  I had not plan in mind, and was pretty skeptical when we started, but I am happy with how it turned out.
my four year old helped me tape all the rolls together with masking tape, in the shape we wanted.  I then used spray adhesive to cover the rolls with scrapbook paper (I originally planned to let my daughter paint it, but did not have the right kind of pain on hand, and really did not think it would turn out too cute).  The spray adhesive and paper worked great.  Then I used a bunch of scrap ribbons from other crafts, and I happened to have a random bag of jewels.  I plugged in the hot glue gun and we went to town.  I let my daughter choose where everything went, and I would put a dab of glue down and she would glue it on.  I also had some hot glue that is colored and glitter, so we decorated the cardboard with it.  We had a lot of fun, and we are pretty proud of how it turned out.
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for Christmas I made each of my girls their own set of holiday pillowcases.  They have been so excited to use them.  I just googled the dimensions for a standard pillowcase.  Sorry I do not have a tutorial.  Thanks to the internet, I did not even have to plan ahead and pick out fabric thoughout the year, I just found every holiday online in November.

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Vintage Nightgowns

surprise! I decided to blog about something.  I actually have done a lot of projects, but I have been too lazy to take any pictures or blog about it.

For Christmas I made my girls nightgowns out of vintage pillow cases.  I used this tutorial.  It was so easy, and my girls love them!  They wore them for 36 hours straight when they got them.  And they pick to wear them almost every night, even though they have many other PJ's.

I sewed a lace flower on one

and a lace bow on the other one
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