Monday, January 4, 2010


I bought this pattern, and after making a pair, I was inspired to make the following mittens

I changed a lot of things, like I used a single crochet instead of a half double crochet, I did a different number of rounds, I did a different number of stitches in each round, I made them have the option of being fingerless, and I added the flower to the back. However, I would not have had the idea, or know where to begin if I did not make the ones I bought on Etsy. I have not written down a pattern for these ones, but if anyone wants one, I could post one. I am not going to do a tutorial on them, unless someone asks me for one in the comments


Beth said...

hey those look familiar! thanks for the great birthday presents.... they are very comfortable as well!

Chelsea said...

Oh I want some! So cute and comfy.