Friday, August 6, 2010

I am back

okay, so it has been a while.  Do you remember all that sewing I did in the spring?  Well, I may have burned out.  Or maybe it is because summer is here, and there are all these fun things to do outside with my family, and I don't have much desire to be in my basement sewing away.  Maybe it is because no one close to me is having a baby too soon, so I don't have gifts to make.  Maybe it is because I am just lazy.  Either way, I do have a couple projects to post, but I have to get the before picuters off my husbands computer first.  Don't give up on me

in the mean time, I am drooling over this awesome giveaway.  Yes, I know I was given a serger a while back, but now that I have started to use it, I am hooked.  I want to serge everything, and the one I have just can't do it all, like this one can.  Plus, many people want to borrow my serger, and they are people I love, who do a lot for me, so I let them.  However, it makes me nervous.  I would love to have one that I can have all to myself, and then I can share my other one.  I want this one because if its differential feed, my other one has a differential feed, but does not ruffle well.  Ruffles are in right now.  I would love this to finish my ruffle curtains and to make all the cute ruffle skirts I see tutorials for in blog land, my little girls would looks so cute in them.  I want to have a new serger to make lots of clothes for my girls, actually, and lots of baby gifts for my friends.  My old serger does not have instructions, and it is hard to find tutorials for it, because they don't sell that kind anymore (I have googled and googled), so I feel limited in my possibilites.  This new one makes me feel like my possibilities are endless.  Okay, so I have never actually won a giveaway, but a girl can dream, right?  and what a giveway this would be to win.

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StitchesByJeni said...

Sergers are so great I wish we could all win one.