Saturday, October 30, 2010

cleaning gloves

Don't we all hate cleaning!?! I know I do, and to be honest, these gloves probably wont make me like it, but at least I might smile while I am cleaning.  I followed this tutorial here
I bought the gloves at IKEA (but I have seen some pink ones at Albertson's last year, and white and purple at Target a long time ago.  I just buy colored gloves when I see them at a good time.  I bought the oilcloth at a local craft store, Ben Franklin Crafts (but i have ordered laminate fabric online before, and it worked great too).

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Malinda Chaudhry said...

It’s such a cute pair of gloves! My daughter hates cleaning her room so badly, but if I handed her this girly pair of gloves, I’m sure she’d enjoy cleaning her room much more. She loves the color red and polka dot patterns, so I’m sure she’ll love this! I can’t wait to make one for her!