Monday, November 1, 2010

more baby blankets and accessories

I know I have already explained how to do the receiving blankets, but I thought I would show the ones I made today.  
This one is for a friend, whose sweet new baby had to endure the NICU (having experienced it, something I would not wish on my worst enemy).  and a couple eye surgeries as well

This set is for a good friend who just had twin girls.  Don't you LOVE Amy  Butler fabric? I sure do!  Her little girls also had to be in the dreaded NICU, but are home now

This set is for a baby shower tomorrow, but I don't think she reads this blog, so I feel safe posting it.
I followed this tutorial for the baby legs, but I found this one later, that I want to try next.

I have posted about the crochet baby hats before but this time I found a free tutorial (plus she has other great tutorials), I thought you might want a link to a free one, and it literally took me exactly 61 minutes to make, not bad huh?

For the Onesie, I just used some of my ruffle fabric.  I cut it how long I wanted, measured it 2x as wide as the onesie, and put it right sides together, sewing one quarter inch seam (making sure all ruffles were hanging down), making a tube.  Then I just folded the top over and sewed it on the onesie (I did not need to hem, because it is knit and does not fray).  I lined the one seam up with the side seam on the onesie.  sorry if this is confusing, I did not take pictures, but it was so easy.

For the burp clothes, I just sew on random fabrics, ribbons and embelishments, there is really no rhyme or reason to it, I usually don't even have a plan when I start.  I just want to say that I only like the tri-fold birds-eye ones.  I got the wrong kind once, and hated them.  I get mine at Target, and they are Gerber brand, they come like 12  in a pack I think.  Also, MAKE SURE TO PRE SHRINK THE DIAPERS! Wash them in really hot water and dry them in a really hot dryer.  It is the pits to make an adorable burp cloth, only to wash it and have it way smaller than the fabric you sewed on.
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Trever and Heather said...

SOOOO cute! Argh, you make me want to have a baby even worse.