Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Receiving blankets

Lately I have really liked to self-binding style of receiving blankets. I usually make my blankets about 1 yard, by l yard (give or take, usually give, a few inches). When I had my second daughter my cute neighbor made me a self-binding receiving blanket, and it was the first time I thought of doing them myself. I was too proud to ask her how she did it, so I did it the best I knew how, following guidelines from this tutorial. I found it much easier to use my walking-foot(if you don't have one, get one, I love having one. After checking about six different shops, I finally found out that Hancock fabrics has a good selection of feet, and most newer models use a short shank, but make sure you know if you need a short shank or long shank before you go), to avoid puckers. Recently I found this tutorial, and I can't wait to try it out this way. I am sure my neighbor used the second one, because hers did not have seams on the corners, in the back, mine do. I bought a 12 pack of burp cloths at Target, I made sure to get the tri-fold "birds-eye" (or something like that) ones, I like them better than the other ones (I learned that only after going through a whole pack of the other ones). I usually just cut some left over strips of the blanket fabric, Iron the edges under, and sew seams along all sides, following the ironed edges.

I just bought this patch at JoAnne's. I get a lot of notions at JoAnne's, but usually buy my fabric and specialty stores, they seem to have a better variety.

I could not find a "UTAH" patch anywhere, but I did find some really cheap Utah apparel at Wal-mart, and I just bought the cheapest one (I didn't care what it looked like) and cut the patches off of that)

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Beth said...

wow heidi, you are so good at sewing! As soon as I get my new sewing machine I'm going to try some of these things out.

Heidi said...

We need to have a craft day!