Monday, December 21, 2009

child furniture makeover

Well, I bought my daughter some furniture to play with a year ago, and didn't get around to making it something I really like until this month. I don't have any good before pictures, but I found some




(sorry for the terribel picture) first I bought some mod podge, and some scrap book paper I liked (I used wrapping paper for the kitchen) The thicker the paper, the less it bubbles and wrinkles when mod podged
then I followed the advice of one of my favorite new blogs
and used heirloom white spray paint, and some Ralph Lauren Smoke Glaze
I like how they turned out, and am considering doing similar things to a few more things in her "play room" (which is actually just a corner of the family room)
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nicole said...

Cute. I thought of doing something like this to the girls' toy box, but then it broke into 5 pieces and splintered and shattered when we moved.

And that was the end of the toy box.