Thursday, December 17, 2009


about a year and a half ago I bought a pattern for this super easy toddler skirt at a bookstore, of all places, but the pattern (and many other cute ones) can be found here. I finally got motivated to make one for my toddler today, and I loved, that it only took about one minute to cut all the pieces (that is always the worst part) I took about an hour or so to make, it was really easy, the most time consuming part was my embellishments. I added a ruffle by cutting a two inch piece of fabric, making my own bias-tape out of it, and sewing a basting stitch down the middle (securing at the beginning, and not the end). Then I pulled on the bobbin thread to ruffle it, and I sewed it on to the skirt. I followed this tutorial for the flower, but since I was using fabric instead of paper, I doubled it up, to make it thicker.
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