Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shout out to Chef Tess

I just want to give a shout out to a blog that I have loved for a long time, but now I love the blog writer too.
Chef Tess Bakeresse not only has great recipes, and a great blog, but she is just a nice person.  So I have not actually met her in person, but  she really helped me out, and I appreciated that she was so willing to help a perfect stranger.

You see, my little sister is really sick.  She has Lyme's Disease.  She has been sick for eight months, and although that seems like forever to someone like me, she is really lucky that they were able to diagnose it within the first year.  Some people with Lyme's are not correctly diagnosed for years.  Although the treatment is antibiotics, it is not that easy, your first get really sick, more sick, before you can get better.  The antibiotics have to kill the antibodies, creating Toxins in your body, your body doesn't like Toxins and they make you real sick. And there is no knowing how long it will take to get better. Among multiple debilitating symptoms, Lyme's is know to make people Lactose and Gluten intolerant.  My sister has already lost a lot of weight (and she did not have a lot to lose) because of the disease, and her appetite has been really affected, along with Nausea and inflammation of intestines Etc, but now she has to avoid a huge group of food.  So, since my family is new to food allergies, I wanted to help out my sister, but did not know how.  I saw a gluten free/dairy free recipe on Tess' blog, so I thought I would shoot her an email (I figured I had nothing to lose).  I explained my sisters' situation to her and asked if she had any advice.  She emailed me back, within half and hour, can you believe she did it that fast? And she was helpful, she sent me ten freezer meal recipes, gave me advice, told me where she likes to buy her ingredients, sent me links to websites, and offered to mail me a package if I needed it, and gave me her phone number for questions (who does that to a perfect stranger).  I had a few questions, so I emailed her back, and she emailed me back promptly, again, with great ideas.  I could not believe how she dropped everything on the spot to respond to a perfect stranger.  And she was so helpful with all her information!  When I told her how much I appreciated her help, she simply said "that is what I am hear for."

so, if you feel like browsing some new recipes, hop on over to her blog and check her out.  She doesn't know I have a blog, and may not even remember who I am, but go ahead an tell her I sent you anyway.


Nicole said...

Just a thought, but our friends form NJ are in Emily's sister ward, she should talk to them, their kids are lactose intolerant and have celiac disease, so they have a lot of great recipes. I have eaten at their house before and it was tasty.

Chef Tess said... made me very happy! Thank you! Big hugs and love always!!