Monday, April 5, 2010

diaper bags

I found a free tutorial to a diaper bag I love! I am so glad someone was nice enough to post it. I made three in two days (which I would not recommend, I totally ignored my family). I made the black one for me, and the other two for my expecting sisters. I love how they turned out! They are so cute, but also so functional. There are five pockets on the outside and five inside.
I used home decor fabric, I found the pink ones back in November for like 60% off at Jo-Anne's and I found the babric for my black one at Hobby Lobby for about $8 a yard. I used really heavy weight interfacing, because I love the look of a bag that stands up on its own.

I added this little strap with a hook, to hook on keys or a binky or something. I also made the strap on mine extra long, so I can sling it around my neck and arm, not just my arm, then I have more mobility with my arms. I also added metallic snaps to the outside pockets on mine (they are usually kind of expensive, like $4-5$ for one, but I found some on clearance at Jo-Anne's 2 for $2.50) I also added velco to the inside pockets on mine

they have a zippered pocket in the back that I love. It was my first time doing a zipper, but I just followed instructions on my zipper and in my machine manual, and it was quite easy.
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Heidi said...

So cute! I can't believe you made 3 in 2 days, you are a lot faster than me!

Emily Snow said...

i got to be one of the lucky beneficiaries. thanks so much heidi!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

These are so cute! EVERYTHING is so cute! You are very talented and such a generous sister- look at all the swag!!

Chelsea said...

Oh my! What a talent. Adorable!