Friday, March 25, 2011

little girl's room

As long as my sewing machine is not working, I figured I might as well spruce up my little girls' room.  The walls have been pretty bare in there. 

I spray painted this magnet board and used spray adhesive to stick some fabric to it.  I think I need to re-do the spray paint job though, the top is bugging me.  I made some pink rose magnets with some flower trim I bought.  I just cut out a single rose off the trim and hot-glued a magnet to the back.  

I also spruced up her bulletin board.  I spray painted it, and used spray adhesive again to stick some fabric over it.  I used the same flower trim to cut off roses and hot glue them to push pins.  Now I have somewhere to hang all her pre-school art work.  For now it just has the prophet, Christ, My great-grandmother's bball team (the first University of Utah Women's bball team, my great-grandma is second from the bottom), and a picture of my parents' farm

I also made a bow holder, we were losing bows all over the house before this.  I just bought a picture frame at Hobby Lobby for 50% off, removed the glass, stapled fabric around the cardboard

and used a staple gun to attach chicken wire to the back side of the board, so I would have something to clip the boards on to (I just had chicken wire in the garage from another project, but I got it at Home Depot)
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