Friday, March 25, 2011

New (old) sewing machine!

I finally got a new sewing machine! I am so excited!  I have been missing having a functional and reliable seswing machine around.  I had no idea how much I loved sewing to boost my mood, until I did not have one. I really had no idea how much it could boost my mood having one that works so well.  The old cheap plastic singer from Target was great to start with, fun to play with, and great to learn on.  However, it started to skip stitches, after only a few years, and it constantly gave me other hassels.

I have been wanting a solid metal, well-built machine for a long time.  Everyone swears by old Bernina's.  They get rave reviews by veteran sewers, sewing machine repair guys, and everyone who has ever sewed on one.  They are hard to come by though, since they are not made like this anymore (solid metal, and made in Switzerland), and people have realized their value.  Lucky for me, I know a guy!  Well, I met a guy, he only lives a few miles away and used to be a sewing machine engineer for Bernina.  I met him because I called him to look at my old machine when it broke.  He knows his stuff, and is wonderful to work with.  He has a shop in his garage, and even has designed, pattented, and built his own quilting machine's.  He found me this Bernina 801 sport, and went through the whole machine checking every single part, and replacing any that were worn.  Then he called me to his house and spent two hours showing my how to use it, all of its capabilities, and answering questions.  He sent me away with this machine (which is in mint condition), a manual, a cover, needles, oil (and how and when to oil it), bobbins,  multiple feet for the machine, and a warranty.  I could not be happier.  I have been sewing on it all week and it is a dream! It is so quiet, and so smooth.  The best part? I have not had a single problem or frustration all week!  I have never sewn a project without having some sort of set back before this week.  I am in love with this Bernina. We are going to be friends for a long time.  I have decided a machine with reliable basics is worth way more than a machine with unreliable, cheaply built fancy stuff (and I can't afford a machine that is both reliable and fancy).

This machine was $425 (it is a smaller model, a sport), and I do not have an ounce of buyer's remorse.
if you are in Utah and you want one too (or if you want your machine fixed or maintained) I definitely would recommend Neal Iund to anyone and everyone
Neal Iund
Centerville, UT

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