Friday, March 25, 2011

fabric flowers

I know my blog has been ignored lately.  In my defense, my sewing machine is not really capable of doing much sewing lately.  I am not big into craft (gasp), but when my sewing machine is out of commission, it does not leave me much choice. So I got out the trusty hot glue gun and some fabric scraps and made me some flowers.  Some have magnets glued on the back, some have a pin, and some have a hair clip, for my little girl's hair

Here is how I made the above flower
For the flower on the left I cut a long strip of fabric, and twisted it and rolled it at the same time, starting on the inside.  I hot glued it onto a round piece of felt as I rolled it.  For the one on the right, I did the same thing, but I braided it and rolled instead of twist and roll

I used this tutorial for this no-sew fabric flower

for this flower I cut a circle out of felt, and rolled lace from the outside in, hot-gluing along the way (the lace was already curved, because it was wrapped around a spool when I bought it).  

here is a tutorial for the felt rose

I used spray adhesive to stick a new ribbon around this lamp, and then I used this tutorial for the flower.  I hot glues a magnet on the back, and put another magnet on the inside of the lamp to keep it on

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